The National Police maintains open a special device for the prevention of robberies with force in establishments in Marbella. UDEV agents from the Marbella Police Station have clarified 12 robberies in shops in the town so far this summer and have arrested 15 people as allegedly responsible for the events.

Due to the population increase in Marbella during the summer months, the National Police has detected an increase in criminal activity around shops in the downtown area. For this reason, a police device was established to provide security to the merchants in the area.

Thus, based on the procedures carried out, it has been clarified a dozen robberies with force committed in the marina and historic center.

The modus operandi used differs according to the cases, having as the only link of union the time slot in which they were committed, always at night. The investigations also show that those responsible could act alone or together with other individuals who would provide coverage, the most common form of access being the breaking and forcing of closures or security systems.

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