The Costa del Sol Health Agency has celebrated ‘World Sight Day’ with a campaign through social networks, posters, media, web and internal communication tools (internal digital magazine, desktop wallpapers, Intranet) to report on the main causes of blindness. Through these initiatives, which was held yesterday, October 14 on the occasion of ‘World Sight Day’, the Agency’s Ophthalmology area aims to raise awareness among the general population of the importance of these pathologies, their treatment and prevention and also report that most of these visual conditions are preventable if there are minimal means to treat them.

80% of blindness cases are preventable, either because they are the result of preventable conditions (20%), or because they can be treated (60%) to the point of regaining vision. The prevention and treatment of vision loss is among the most efficient and successful health interventions. These interventions include, for example, intravitreal drug treatments for the control of age-related macular degeneration, diabetic macular edema, cataract surgery, individualized management of glaucoma, treatment of amblyopia and prevention of childhood blindness, among others.

With the slogan, jThe Ophthalmology unit of the Agency joins the celebration of this day. World Sight Day is an annual event that focuses on the global problem of blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation of the visually impaired. It is usually celebrated on the second Thursday in October and this year it is being carried out worldwide with the slogan ‘Love your eyes’ with which it is wanted to get more than a million people to commit to taking a vision test, to taking care of their eyes and getting them involved with a commitment.

Throughout this day, a banner with a link to the official information to the IAPB (The International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness) has been published on the Agency’s corporate website.

Ophthalmology Area of ​​the Costa del Sol Hospital

Ophthalmology is a specialty that has evolved a lot in recent years. In this sense, professionals at this hospital have developed in the most advanced techniques since its inception. In fact, they develop the latest surgical techniques for those glaucomas that do not respond to treatment with current eye drops; perform corneal transplants, ocular surface techniques with amniotic membrane, biological glues, vitreo-retinal surgery, surgery for children and adults strabismus, and also eyelid and tear duct surgery, among others.

Currently, more than 5,000 surgical interventions (surgeries and intravitreal procedures) are performed at the centers of the Costa del Sol Health Agency (Costa del Sol Hospital, Mijas High Resolution Center and Benalmádena High Resolution Hospital) and they are also treated around 45,000 consultations every year.

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