A brutal collision between a car and a taxi on Marbella It has been settled with two wounded who have had to be transferred to the Costa del Sol Hospital. According to the health authorities, both are stable and with minor injuries.

During the past dawn Emergencies 112 began to receive several notices about a possible collision between a taxi and a car on Avenida Ricardo Soriana, in Marbella, near the gas station.

The affected vehicle, as they point out, immediately overturned when the crash occurred. Until there, members of the Local Police and health services were quickly transferred, where after a few minutes they transferred two people, whose age and sex are not known, to the Costa del Sol Hospital when they presented symptoms of lightheadedness and neck pain.

Images of the accident.

According to witnesses who witnessed the event, the taxi was the one who hit the tourism causing it to overturn.

Investigations to find out how the crash occurred are still ongoing.

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