A laser hair removal company, Aztuale Group, has charged in advance the sessions to many clients in Marbella, Fuengirola and Malaga, and has suddenly disappeared. You cannot contact them either by phone or in the centers themselves that remain closed. This is what many of the injured are communicating through social networks. “The laser company with which I had contracted for a two-year treatment has closed without prior notice, and in my case I have had two sessions and have paid more than 400 euros,” adds one of those affected.

With the centers in three municipalities on the Costa del Sol and with sessions already started with some clients, the company has disappeared, without giving any signs of life, without any explanation and with all the money received by these people who had contracted hair removal treatments.

Interior of the center in Marbella

There are many comments that are running through social networks telling their experience and denouncing this case, which leads to think that it is a scam. The company does not even have a website, only with a presence on Facebook, which has published since 2018 and with very cheap offers.

«Phones are all off or voicemails skip. Try as you may, you cannot contact anyone. You have to report to the Local Police and the consumer’s office, please, “declares the client who has paid more than 400 euros and has only had two sessions.

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