They were not in a romantic relationship. The 46-year-old woman went last Saturday night to the home of a 43-year-old man. On the fourth floor located in the Las Albarizas neighborhood, in Marbella, they were taking drugs and, at one point in the morning, she crashed under strange circumstances through one of the windows of the building, dying practically on the spot. His companion, who has been arrested for his alleged involvement in the death, left the home without notifying the emergency services.

The events occurred on May 28, around 04:00 hours when a notice to the Intelligent Command, Communication and Control Center (CIMACC) 091 reported that a woman had fallen into the void from a house in Marbella.

Next to a residential building, a patrol car located the lifeless body of a middle-aged woman on the public road, lying face up on the ground and surrounded by a pool of blood. Thus, the National Police activated the judicial protocol.

After the first inquiries, the agents observed that one of the clothesline ropes on the second floor was broken, and the woman’s body had been dragged by hanging sheets. In this way, the investigators suspected that the fall must have occurred from a height higher than the second floor.

Next, they identified several witnesses, among them all the residents of the vertical of the building from which it was intuited that the deceased had fallen into the void, except for the inhabitant of the room, who was not located at that moment in his home, although he had left the open property door.

They rang the bell, but no one answered. The agents entered the house on the fourth floor to locate if there was anyone. Inside, they observed that the living room window was closed, but they found remains of hair in appearance similar to that of the deceased in a portable clothesline attached to the window structure of this same home. In addition, they found narcotics at the home.

After the corresponding inquiries, the agents identified the inhabitant of the house, who appeared this Monday with his lawyer at the Marbella Police Station and was heard in a statement, initially as a witness. The suspect acknowledged spending the night with the woman and their drug use. However, after falling into a series of contradictionsin the opinion of the investigators, together with a series of evidence collected, the suspect was arrested for his alleged involvement in a crime of homicide.

Although the investigation continues in order to clarify the specific circumstances in which the death of the woman occurred and, pending the results of the autopsythe agents attached to the Judicial Police Brigade of the Marbella Police Station keep all possible lines of investigation open.

One month after the death of another woman in similar circumstances

It should be remembered that last Saturday, April 22, a similar event took place in Malaga, specifically in the Teatinos neighborhood. A 42-year-old woman of South American origin died around 7:00 a.m. after falling off the balcony of a sixth floor, where a 46-year-old citizen of Bulgarian origin lived, who was also arrested for his alleged involvement in a crime of homicide.

In this case, police sources also clarified that there was no sentimental relationship between the two.

Moments before her death, the woman contacted a friend indicating that she had fear of the detainee Finally, she ended up falling from the balcony of the building.

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