The Costa del Sol Environmental Complex has given these days a joy to a neighbor from Marbella, Rafael Lavigne, returning a gold medal from his father that he had misplaced years ago and that the operators found among the treated waste.

The Lost Property Office of the plant contacted Lavigne to indicate that they had located a piece of gold in which there was an inscription with the name of his father, Javier Lavigne, who after dying with just 55 years of cancer had passed to his son.

Lavigne, who remembers felt “very guilty for his loss,” commented to the workers of the center that he lost the medal – or perhaps it was stolen, he points out – many years ago and that “it was a hard blow because it was the only personal object he had from his father, plus a watch.

“It is not usual for a jewel offer so many details of its owner“As a name, surname, telephone number or city, the Costa del Sol Environmental Complex, which serves eleven municipalities in the area, from Torremolinos to Casares, passing through Benahavís, Marbella, Ojén or Mijas, points out in a statement.

Rafael Lavigne has pointed out that his father was allergic and that because of that reason the piece contains so much personal data since “before it was common for this type of thing to be indicated on medals because there were no communication or health services as fast as now,” he clarifies.

On this occasion, in addition, “the facility staff knew Lavigne’s last name, a well-known family in the municipality ”since they ran a supermarket in the center of the city, explained the delegate of Urban Solid Waste of the Association of Municipalities of the Western Costa del Sol, Juan Luis Villalón.

The medal recovered is the second jewel that the Costa del Sol Environmental Complex returns to its owner after finding it in the waste and details that the first find was a ring that a neighbor of Secadero, Helen Miles, had lost more than a year ago.

Villalón has stressed that the usual thing is that the citizens who believe they have lost something of value contact the Lost Property Office, not the other way around, through the portal and has stressed that they are “a public service, not only for the collection and treatment of waste, but also for the custody of these precious objects”.

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