A noise put him on alert. He went down to the garage of his house, he identified himself as a local police officer and targeted the criminals they were towing a boat, valued at about 50,000 euros, with the claim of steal it. In extremis, the agent, off duty, prevented him from being taken away. But first he had to face the four thieves, who tried to attack him with an iron bar. Finding himself cornered, he came to shoot in the air to intimidate them. No one was hurt.

The event occurred in Marbella. Around 6 pm, the policeman observed how a boat had collided with a wall in the neighboring community. From the window of his house, he faced the suspects. Without losing sight of them, he called the owner of the boat to confirm if he knew that he had suffered a blow. A resounding no gave him the key. While he gave notice to his colleagues from the Local Police Headquarters, he took his service weapon and rushed to the scene of the robbery.

There he met the alleged thieves, whom he ordered them to release the boat they intended to steal. Spontaneously, the thieves argued that they had bought it and, not only did they ignore the instructions, but they also reacted violently. Police sources say that two of them -one with an iron bar- pounced on the agent. He feared for his life. Gun in hand, he first backed away to avoid the possible attack, until, according to the same sources, he was forced to fire a shot into the air.

Moment in which one of the thieves fell to the ground

Moment in which one of the thieves fell to the ground



After that, two of the assailants got into a vehicle to Get away. In the escape, they unhooked the boat, which collided with a car that was parked outside the garage. The policeman managed to get one of the suspects to throw himself to the ground, as shown in some images captured by residents of the block where the events occurred. Just a few minutes later, several uniformed and plainclothes officers arrived who arrested the 30-year-old individual and took him to police stations.

A young woman pretends to be asleep when breaking into her house

A few weeks ago, the Local Police of Malaga arrested a 43-year-old man as the alleged perpetrator of the crimes of robbery in an inhabited house, attack and resistance to agents of the authority. It was 2 in the morning when one of the victims, a 20-year-old girl who was in the house with her mother, 43, phoned from his bed to Room 092 from the Local Police of Malaga reporting that someone had entered her apartment, located on Avenida Jane Bowles, unaware if it was one or more people, all in a very low voice, barely audible by the operator, to avoid being overheard .

The police officer who picked up the call from the 092 Operations Center gave it truthfulness from the beginning, reassuring the victim and keeping her on the phone while she was broadcasting what was happening live, murmuring to her that she heard movements around the house while objects were being removed, and even that an individual entered her room. She assured that she had pretended to be asleep while checking how the thief, who ended up arrested, rummaged through and searched through his belongings.

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