The resort naturist Costa Natura, in Estepona, is in check for the installation this summer of a beach club that they allege has subtracted meters from the nudist beach, as well as generated conflicts for coastal users who practice this discipline making peaceful coexistence difficult, as highlighted by the secretary of the community of owners, Noelia Monllor. Meanwhile, the El Nido chiringuito defends the power to provide its services to clothed customers, both in restaurants and in the concession of hammocks.

Monllor has explained that the resort naturist was built in the 70s of the last century by a “French developer” that originally planned “to build an urbanization of around 1,000 homes, but sales were not as expected and 196 apartments were built.” As detailed, in 1979 the central government granted by government decree “the nudist qualification to Arroyo Vaquero beach”At the request of resort, being the first in Spain with this name, so “Costa Natura is a worldwide reference in the naturist tourism segment” since the 80s.

The dynamics of the last 40 years have been interrupted this summer with the installation of the El Nido beach bar, an establishment that does not allow nudists to access its facilities and that according to the naturist collective it has occupied more meters of this beach than those foreseen in the administrative concession, granted by the Esteponero City Council.

Thus, the owners of Costa Natura interposed “uAn administrative complaint to the Estepona City Council in which we asked you to take measurements because the license they had for their hammocks and umbrellas was 300 square meters and they started the season and have spent the summer with an area that was more than double the amount granted ”. This caused “some measurements “by the Consistory, which said that”“, But” we did not agree and in a particular way we commissioned a topographic study, “said the secretary of the community of owners.

In this sense, he has detailed that the results of this measurement show that “they were more than 300 square meters and the beach bar was occupying 437 after having removed the umbrellas and hammocks “after the inspection of the City Council, a study carried out”an architecture company “outside Costa Natura, has assured.

Monllor has indicated that the nudist beach “has a delimitation” comprised between “the rocky breakwater where Costa Natura begins to the mouth of the streamor “, a” public beach that is not only used by residents of the urbanization “and in which the chiringuito “has been built 300 meters from the resort and in front is where they have given him the concession of hammocks, which is inside the nudist beach ”.

They are not naturists or nudists, they have their clientele, but they have occupied the nude beach, which has led to the feeling of an invasion ”. In addition, the beach club “It does not accept nudist clients, which we have to accept because it is the right of admission, but we only seek a peaceful and respectful coexistence ”, Monllor has argued.

For his part, the owner of the El Nido beach club, Albert Beniflah, has pointed out that the problem comes when “The nudists want to rent the hammocks naked“, Ensuring that from the beach club “We respect nudism, but we don’t practice it because there are families who come with their children and it is a bit violent ”.

If you want to do nudism on the beach, do it, but we do not accept it in our concession or in our beach bar“, Has asserted the businessman, who has pointed out that” the nudists want to use the hammocks and access the beach bar naked and the law states that it is prohibited and that it may even be a crime of exhibitionism if there are minors ahead ”.

He defends that “almost 100 jobs have been created ”and 3 million euros have been invested to start the establishment, for which he has stressed that “here it is about respecting each other. I don’t care if you do nudism, but not in my facilities ”, has replied, while lamenting that naturists have been “a constant provocation.”

Regarding the criticism of the nudists that the chiringuito has exceeded the 300 meters marked in the hammock concession, has asserted that “it is a lie” and has indicated that there was a movement of an umbrella by a client, after which he came the Consistory to take measurements and “it was 4 meters”. “The hammocks had moved and were put back in place,” he stressed.

Regarding the accusations made by the PSOE spokesperson, Emma Molina, regarding the fact that the concession responds to an alleged favorable treatment between members of the PP, has stated that “we absolutely do not know how this concession was given ”. “We have bought a legal concession where the specifications and everything is legal,” he said.

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