As reported to Costa del Sol area, Damian Vazquez, lawyer and member of the association of Patient Advocate This August, you are receiving an increase in claims in the Costa del Sol area. One of the latest cases to be brought to the attention of the prosecution is the case of a woman who has had to 3 doses of Pfizer vaccine.

The case is the following, a woman from the Basque Country who lives in the Marbella area, was vaccinated with the second dose of Pfizer in a Marbella health center. Once this second dose is put and therefore complete your vaccination schedule. Andalusian service Health Responds gets in touch with her assuring that the vaccine is not valid that has been administered to her and therefore she is summoned again on August 14.

Not understanding very well why only she has to take a third dose, the protagonist did not show up. So that Health Responds gets in touch with her again and according to Vazquez in this case they tell you that “you have to come here yes or yes, you must take a third dose” since they argued “that it could put other people at risk, you have to come, what you have put on is like water” . Arguments that neither she herself, nor the association of the Patient Advocate they understand. But the lady at the insistence on the part of Health Responds go to the health center and the vaccine is given again, that is to say, gets a third dose from Pfizer.

To this day, according to official sources, this lady has quite significant sequelae, such as extreme fatigue and respiratory distress. In addition, he is an athlete and now he cannot practically do sports, simply speaking is very difficult for him.

No response has been received from the hospital and the case has been brought to the attention of the prosecution.

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