The National Police has detained a 20-year-old man for his alleged involvement in a crime of attempted murder in relation to aggression with knife to an acquaintance, last December 2 in the port of Estepona.

In the course of a scuffle, and during a night out, the 25-year-old victim was stabbed several times causing serious injuries -the most worrying, a nine-centimeter deep wound in the belly, which caused the detachment of the viscera. Divers from the GEO of the National Police intervened from the bottom of the sea the weapons used during the attack, specifically a machete and an ax.

The initial events centered on a discussion, with alcohol in between, among acquaintances, initially ceasing the dispute thanks to the intervention of various mediators. After the incident the group disbanded.

In this first episode, and after raised telephone conversations between the person who would be stabbed and his attacker, they met again in the nightlife area of ​​the port of Estepona. A new discussion between the parties without strong motivation, according to the investigators, led one of them to a nearby boat owned by his family, where it was made with an ax and a machete. In this context, the investigated stabbed the victim up to four times, according to the investigations.

The police action began after receiving a call from a health center in the town of Estepona, where they were assisting a man with stab wounds. The patient presented several stab wounds, among which was a nine-centimeter puncture in the belly through which the viscera were detached. Thus, given the severity of the injuries, the young man was transferred to a hospital in Marbella to be operated on.

The proceedings carried out by investigators of the UDEV of the Local Police Station of Estepona confirmed how the night of the events the suspect went to a boat moored in port belonging to his family, took a machete and an ax, hid the weapons under his clothes and went to the place where the victim was. Next, the aggressor went towards the young man, who was continuing to argue with some friends of the person under investigation, and attacked him, stabbing him. After the attack, the suspect fled the area, but not before disposing of the weapons used, which he threw into the sea.

For its part, the rapid intervention of a local waiter, who took the victim in his own car to the health center, avoided a tragic end, given the injuries that it presented.

After numerous inquiries, the investigators found out the identity of the person responsible, who was arrested for a crime of attempted murder and placed at the disposal of the Court of Instruction 3 of Estepona, which decreed his entry into provisional prison. Likewise, GEO divers managed to recover the weapons used in the attack from the seabed, being provided as evidence of the crime.

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