Second accident in which a woman loses her life aboard a scooter in the province of Malaga. The fatality, this time, it’s a 18 year old who was driving in Estepona. His brother, a minor, was also traveling in the vehicle, and although she had to be admitted to the Maternal and child Hospital from the capital for the injuries he suffered, he has already been discharged.

The incident occurred this past Wednesday, shortly before 9 in the morning, the start time of classes in educational centers. The investigations suggest that the girl was riding a scooter next to her brother, age 11, whom I took to school, when he collided with a car. Witnesses alerted the 112 Andalucía Health Emergency Service of what happened on Guillermo Cabrera street.

The victim had serious injuries, so the Local Police, upon arrival at the scene of the accident, requested the presence of a medical helicopter, which took the young woman to the Regional Hospital of Malaga with trauma.

The toilets moved the little one to the Maternity. There he remained hospitalized until he was discharged. The doctors, however, They couldn’t do anything to save their lives. of his older sister, who died this Thursday, as confirmed by health sources.

He reported the event yesterday The confidentialwhich indicates that both were run over when they crossed a zebra crossing which they accessed from the sidewalk. The woman behind the wheel of tourism, a teacherexplained to the agents of the Estepona Local Police that he had “not been able to avoid it”. Apparently, the impact occurred during the journey to a school Located in the vicinity where the little one studies.

The previous hit-and-run, in which a scooter was also involved, dates back to just two months ago. then one 25 year old died after being run over by a truck while driving in Marbella, reported the 112 Andalucía Emergency Service.

The event took place around 6:30 p.m. The coordinating center received several calls alerting a young woman who was riding a scooter on the road by a large vehicle. access tunnel to the mall the glenunder the highway.

Scooters caused four accidents a week

Bicycles and scooters continue with the pending account of integrating into the circulation of Malaga without having any type of accident. In 2022, only scooters added four weekly accidents in Malaga, having registered 210 cases by the Local Police of Malaga. If we add those produced by bicycles, the statistic rises to more than one per day with 374 throughout the year.

Until April 2023, the number did not decrease much. In the first quarter of the year they accumulated 80 incidents that have caused material and/or personal damage caused by personal mobility vehicles. Scooters, for the moment, are more prone to this type of accident, totaling 43 actions, out of the 37 that have been recorded in which cyclists are involved.

AND the hottest months have not yet arrivedthe drivers of electric scooters, between May and August of last year registered more than twenty accidents every month, concentrating together with November the highest peaks in the record.

Malaga continues to work to regulate the rent both bicycles and electric scooters for rent in the city. Right now, Malaga maintains the concession to six scooter companies. Specifically, Lime, Bird, Link, Dott, Bolt and Tier that will operate in the city with 225 vehicles personal mobility (VMP) each. All this, waiting for the contest promoted by the Consistory to be resolved for a single firm to exploit micromobility in the city. In addition, it allows the circulation and parking of 350 electric bikes from the Dolt entity and another 350 from Bolt.

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