popular candidate for mayor Ángel Nozal, leave politics as a result of the pact of the Government of PSOE, Ciudadanos and Por mi Pueblo in Mijas that left him in the opposition and without options to raise the command rod of Mijas during this mandate, as confirmed to this newspaper by José Ramón Carmona, general secretary of the Popular Party in Malaga.

The popular candidate, who is being investigated in two court cases different, he will not take minutes as a councilor on June 17, when the Corporation of Mijas will be formed. It is not yet known when he will leave his organic position as president of the party in Mijas. The popular, moreover, is being investigated in the ‘postman case‘, for which he testified in court only four days ago, assuring that he did not sign a rental contract in 2017 on behalf of the Cabopino community of owners for the installation of the same, according to the lawyer of the complainant neighbors, Antonio Jesús. you fold.

In addition, the Mijas City Council (before the elections), requested the disqualification of the politician for 12 years for the so-called ‘Bonuses case‘, for which he would have allegedly committed administrative prevarication, as confirmed by sources from the consistory itself.

Nozal thus ends his stage in Mijas politics, in which he has been, interrupted, since 1983, when he became a councilor. He arrived to obtain the mayorship with an absolute majority in 2011since 2015, after finishing that mandate, he remained in opposition.

Agreement in Mijas

This decision comes to consequence of the pact in Mijas between the PSOECiudadanos and Por mi Pueblo, which leaves him with no chance of winning the Mayor’s Office, for which he needed the support of the three Vox councilors and the support of Juan Carlos Maldonado (who already took the command rod from him in 2019 to give it to him to González, despite the fact that there was an Andalusian pact between oranges and popular to give them to the Mayor, which ended with Maldonado out of the liberal party) or that of the two Ciudadanos councilors.

If there are no changes, it would normally be the next on the popular list, Maria Francisca Alarconthe one that occupied the ninth seat that belongs to his party, which must be restructured after this news.

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