The Civil Guard has dismantled two drug sales points in two operations carried out in Coin and Mijas in which five people have been arrested for drug trafficking.

Thus, as part of the police response plan for retail trafficking and drug use in leisure areas, the Civil Guard has arrested an individual who was engaged in Retail drug sales in parks and leisure areas in the town of Coín.

At the time of his arrest he was intervened numerous doses already prepared for saleseizing ten bags containing 2.5 grams of hashish, 21 bags of 1.5 grams and a bag of one gram of hashish, as well as cash.

Is operation, called Sacculus It has been carried out by members of the Coín Civil Guard Company, as indicated in a statement.

Mijas Retail

Also, in the Operation Stinger framework dismantled a criminal group that was dedicated to the sale of drugs to the retail in a supposed private cannabis association in Mijas that he lacked any type of documentation license that would support his activity.

This organization, which He sold the drug without any control, provided a magnetic key to people who wanted to access the premises to purchase the different doses under the protection of being an alleged partner of the association.

In a first search of the premises, three people were arrested, apprehending nine marijuana plants they were growing in a closet inside the premises, weighing 810 grams. Inside the false ceiling there were a lot of hidden buds to avoid detection, as well as a vacuum packing machine and several precision scales. 925 grams of buds and 105 grams of hashish were seized, as well as 1,150 euros in cash.

Subsequently, it was done again a new inspectionanother person being arrested and seizing 20.12 grams of hashish, 274.65 grams of marijuana buds and 1,555 euros in cash.

Due to these facts they have been Four people, of Dutch and Spanish nationalities between 24 and 34 years old, were arrested. who are accused of crimes against public health and belonging to a criminal organization. This operation has been carried out by members of the main post of the Civil Guard of Mijas.

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