The National Police has arrested a Romanian citizen for stealing with the hug method high-end watches to foreigners in marbella. The arrested woman, who came to seize watches worth 115,200 euros, has multiple police records for crimes against her property.

On this occasion, she is considered the alleged author of a total of three crimes of theft Y a crime of robbery with violenceall of them committed to foreign citizens in the town of Marbella.

The victims were deceived with the “affectionate hug or theft” to steal high-end watches, with a value of 115,200 euros, as reported by the National Police in a statement, which added that the thieves did not hesitate to use violence if the victims of the theft became aware.

This modus consists of starting a conversation with the victim with any excuse, to then establish some type of physical contact, such as a handshake or a hugtaking advantage of this contact to stealthily steal valuables.

In the specific case, the jewels stolen in the town of Marbella correspond to several high end watchessome of them valued at more than 90,000 euros. The detainee was identified by the Palamós Local Police in the course of an administrative infraction for the parking of a vehicle, stating that she was indicted by the National Police for the facts exposed.

For this reason, she was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of three crimes of theft and a robbery with violence, being handed over to the Investigating Court of La Bisbal d’Emporda (Girona), who ordered her parole establishing precautionary measures.

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