A young man has been stopped in the municipality of marbella by the National Police after carrying out a search of his home in which they found conversations on electronic devices with Canadian minors whom he harassed, forcing them to expose themselves against their will.

Through Europol, agents learned that a ten-year-old girl and a 17-year-old girl -both of Canadian nationality- had reported being victims of grooming (online sexual harassment and abuse) by a man who forced them to send images of sexual content. Apparentlywere subjected to various threats and blackmailaccording to police sources.

The investigation took the agents to Marbella, where the alleged perpetrator could reside. After the steps taken, they detected the specific address and carried out an entry into the house, in which they arrested the young man.

31 minors at risk for appearing in videos or photos of a pornographic nature

Within the framework of the investigations that, usually and in collaboration with other countries, are carried out on the web and on the different social networks to locate and identify possible minors at risk or victims of crimes of a sexual nature, National Police agents have identified 31 minors at risk who appeared in videos or photos of a pornographic nature.

One of the arrests took place in Mallorca when it was detected that a mother recorded content of a pedophile nature to her own son. The other two detainees have been arrested for sexually harassing minors through social networks that they forced under blackmail to exhibit themselves against their will. Twelve of the identified minors recorded themselves in sexual attitudes to share the videos through social networks.

The agents received information about the presence of images of sexual content in which a naked child appeared and that they could have been taken somewhere in Spain. The investigation was not easy as there were no usable IP addresses available and they had to trace open sources. Finally, the investigators managed to locate the child and his mother in Mallorca. During the entry and search they found, on the mother’s mobile, multitude of photographs and videos of a sexual naturel, for which she was arrested as the alleged perpetrator of a crime of production of child pornography.

The National Police advises make responsible use of the web and social networks. Likewise, experts recommend notifying an adult in the event of receiving a compromising image of someone, blocking or reporting annoying people or those who make inappropriate proposals through the Internet, and being careful when sending content to unknown people.

The agents advise that, in the event of receiving images of child pornography on our devices, report it to the authorities immediately. For this, the National Police has an email (denuncias.pornografía.infantil@policia.es), where citizens can report this extreme.

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