The match began with a lot of rhythm in the Pineda, with a game plan that in theory favored CAB Estepona Jardín from the Costa del Sol, one of the teams with the most points in the LF Challenge, although the team from Ferrol was the first to take an important lead with a 0-6 run that put the light at Pineda at 7-13 (min. 4) after a basket by Julieta Mungo and another by Patricia Soler.

The locals reacted with eight consecutive points, pressing back and looking for Sara Castro and Ana Pocek in offensive actions, although the advantage after the first ten minutes would go to the visitors after a basket by the Serbian Nevena Dimitrijevic, who left the score at 17 -18.

The locals managed to impose their game quickly, although without going on the counterattack as many times as they would have liked thanks to the good defensive balance of Baxi Ferrol, who did not forgive the local mistakes and in just over a minute he took off again with a 0-6 run (24-30, min. 15) taking advantage of the Estepona team’s turnovers and forcing Pablo Bernabé to request time-out. The maleno coach’s pupils reacted well, leveling the score thanks to points from Macarena D’Urso and Jone Azkue’s full-court rides. From there, minutes of exchanges until reaching a better closing of the premises, thanks to the triples of Carla Viegas and the points of Pocek, coming to have an advantage of six, but a last basket by Angela Mataix left the score at 40 -36 at halftime.

After passing through the changing rooms, Lino López knew how to make his team recover its essence in defense, leaving CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol with just 10 points in the third period and with a defense that caused the Ferrolanas to enter the game quite early. bonus. That good play back, together with several triples by Baxi Ferrol players, made the score go from 47-43 in the middle of the quarter to 50-54 with which the period would close after a triple by Argentina’s Andrea Boquete.

The highest income of the match so far would come after a triple by Dimitrevic that opened the fourth (50-57), although the CAB Estepona Jardín of the Costa del Sol knew how to react thanks to D’Urso and Pocek, the two main references offensive today, until the losses came again and again the Serbian base added from beyond the arc (54-63, min. 33). When it seemed more complicated, Viegas armed his arm and responded with a triple, just two attacks later with another (60-63, min. 35) and Pineda believed again. And in a close ending, where anything could happen, entering the last two minutes with 66-68 on the scoreboard after a triple by Verónica Matoso, the chess game, which could perfectly have ended in a draw, ended up falling to Lino López’s by 66-69.

CAB Estepona Jardín de la Costa del Sol 66 (17-23-10-16): Aleksic (0), Castro (7), Masià (3), Matosos (3) and Pocek (27) -starting five-, García ( 0), Viegas (9), Azkue (7), D’Urso (10) and Diagne (0).

Baxi Ferrol 69 (18-18-18-15): Mataix (7), Boquete (11), Mungo (6), Soler (4) and Allen (7) -five starting-, Soriano (6), Dimitrijevic (7 ), Garí (5), Gómez (4), Kalin (4) and Fequiere (8).

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