With the proper guidelines and following a specific and personalized program, it is possible to enhance and accelerate biological repair processes, compensate for weaknesses or strengthen physical capacities ”, explains the Head of the Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy Service of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital, Marcos González Sedano.

The Coronavirus pandemic has placed this Service in the foreground, whose role has been fundamental in the recovery of patients admitted to the ICU or affected by physical sequelae of the Covid-19 disease. For the head of the Unit, this special circumstance has highlighted one of the most important premises in the patient recovery process: that each one of them be individually assessed and treated. As the specialist of the Quirónsalud Marbella Hospital “Each person has their particularity, what is trivial for some may be essential for others in our protocol of action we give the same importance to all our patients, be it a muscle tendon pain, a prosthesis, a limb amputation, a stroke, orna respiratory disease, dysfunctions of the pelvic viscera

Finally, the essential contribution of the Physiotherapy in the training plan of professional and amateur athletes. And it is that the benefits obtained in rehabilitation therapies are so relevant and influential in physical form that the application of this discipline transcends the context of the injury and has been incorporated as a prevention factor. “Physiotherapists and rehabilitators detect the weaknesses of the body or the moments in which it exists muscle overload. Our diagnosis and treatment is effective in the medium and long term, which is why we have become basic pieces of gear for athletes ”, he emphasizes. González Sedano.

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