The Center for Tourism Initiatives (CIT) Marbella has transferred this Monday to the Government Sub-delegation in Malaga the need to implement the coastal train to solve the mobility problems of the coast or the stabilization of the city’s beaches, as reported by the president of the group, Juan José González.

This has been highlighted by the business representative after a meeting with the subdelegate of the Government in the province, Javier Salas, in which they have addressed different topics of interest to the economic and business fabric from Marbella and its entire area of ​​influence.

In the meeting, CIT Marbella recalled that for years he has been claiming issues such as the train and definitive solutions to mobility problems of Marbella and the coast in general, the definitive stabilization of the beaches, the increase in the provision of personal resources for the State security forces and bodies and the speeding up of administrative procedures, among others.

In relation to the problem of the coastline and its definitive stabilization, the president has commented with the subdelegate that in this regard CIT Marbella, together with other associations, issued a statement last September urging the central government to streamline project implementation that allow the stabilization of the Marbella coastline.

In this sense, he pointed out that in May 2021, two years later than originally planned, the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge, through the General Directorate of the Coast and the Sea, announced that it was submitting public information the project for the regeneration of the beaches in the center of Marbella, as well as its environmental impact study together with the basic project to remodel the promenade of the literal section.

The performance will involve the stabilization and regeneration of this stretch of beaches by contributing 200,000 cubic meters of sand. Likewise, the project foresees the stabilization of this area of ​​the Marbella coastline through the construction of two free levees, about 100 meters long, at a distance of around 145 meters from the coast. These elements are projected between the Puerto Deportivo Virgen del Carmen and El Ancón.

Gonzalez He recalled that every year the problem of the beaches is highlighted again with continuous contributions of sand that are limited and temporary solutions, and must be found in perfect condition not only in summer but all year round. That is why he has advocated a definitive stabilization plan for the coast and has requested to know the status of said stabilization projects, being already aware that the 2022 budgets include the projects for San Pedro and El Ancón, but nothing in relation to La Venus beach or the fishing port.

On the other hand, has reiterated the importance and need for the definitive implementation of the train that solves the mobility problemMarbella being “the only Spanish city with more than 100,000 inhabitants without a rail connection”, while regretting that in the general state budgets for the year 2022 “there is hardly any provision for this project”, for which he asked the subdelegate ” more information, progress and next steps on the issue of Malaga-Marbella connectivity ”.

During the meeting, the suitability of designing a strategic plan that solves these difficulties mobility that Marbella and its surroundings suffer, being “more and more numerous problems of traffic jams on the National 340 and the A-7”, he pointed out.

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