The Estepona City Council informs that Room 2 of the Casa de Las Tejerinas, located in the Plaza de las Flores, will host a group exhibition of drawing and painting by the Art Studio from next Thursday the 27th at 6:00 p.m. ‘Search and Expression’, coordinated by the painter and muralist Néstor Plada.

The exhibition consists of a total of 55 pictorial works of various techniques and formats, ranging from the human figure to landscape, seascapes, portraits, etc., and which are made by a total of 11 authors of various nationalities who reside in Estepona or nearby, who work or have worked in the Plada studio, through which people from numerous nationalities have passed, which enables a particularly enriching work experience aesthetically and culturally.

The Uruguayan artist based in Estepona develops a working method based on the analysis and temporary copying of the works of the great masters of painting, so that the student solidifies a personal way of working under the understanding of the basic language of said masters, which it involves techniques and conceptual principles. He works especially in the proportion, composition and color, fundamental elements in the proposals of figurative or non-figurative styles.

Born in Uruguay, Plada worked as an art teacher in his country, before settling for 16 years in the United States, where he combined his personal or collective painting exhibitions with activities in the field of advertising. In 2003 he settled in Estepona, where he has held individual exhibitions, and has developed his facet as a teacher at the Search and Expression Studio for more than 7 years. Of his authorship is the artistic mural ‘Estepona Siglo XXI’, located in the Plaza del Diario ABC, inaugurated in June 2013.

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