The Minister of Education and Sports, Javier Imbroda, has announced that the competitions that will take place in 2022 will be called 4,064 positions for Teachers and Professors of Music and Performing Arts. This call will be made up of part of the positions of the public employment offer of 2021 (1,200) and of previous years (2,864).

Specifically, 3,700 places will be announced for Teachers and 364 for professors of Elementary and Professional Conservatories, that is, they are all the positions that the Ministry could summon for these teaching bodies.

In addition, Imbroda has reported that the 2021 public teaching job offer will amount to a total of 3,390 places for Teachers, Secondary, Teachers of Official Schools of Languages, Music and Arts and Plastic Arts. These positions, explained the counselor, correspond to the replacement rate of 100% of the losses produced during the year 2020, and as established by the regulations, they can be summoned in the following three years.

The counselor pointed out that the general director of Teaching Staff and Human Resources Management, Pablo Quesada, has already reported this morning about this offer at the Education Sector Board made up of the CSIF, ANPE, USTEA, CC.OO and UGT organizations.

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