The Cook Dani García leads a gastronomic route paired with rum that can be tasted in more than 10 establishments in Marbella, which will offer special menus accompanied with cocktails made from the double liquid aged until February 2023.

For this, the most international chef from Marbella has joined forces with the initiative ‘Brugal 1888: The gastronomic rum’the result of the association between this liquid and haute cuisine, which has been designed to merge both concepts through unique and exclusive experiences.

The presentation of the gastronomic route took place last Thursday, December 1, at the Tragabuches restaurant in Marbella, which García opened on September 24, as it was the in charge of championing the initiative in the Costa del Sol townan appointment for which he prepared a varied menu paired with rum.

Thus, diners had the opportunity to taste a menu consisting of 6 dishes plus dessert and 4 cocktails of the most diverse variety, with two recipes made based on Brugal 1888 such as qraw Motril waisquillas, toasted butter, rum and yuzu, whose first sip takes you “directly to Jerez”, and a ‘Pionono de Santa Fé al rum’ for dessert.

As the chef explained, the choice of this seafood is due to the fact that the nuances of this rum perfectly complement those of the recipe, highlighting that “the shrimp is very silky and has very elegant fat, then there is the point of the yuzu, which gives us that spicier touch, and finally the butter, which needs to be refreshed with alcoholic notes and with that final aftertaste provided by Brugal 1888, which is similar to toast with hints of nuts”.

The Tragabuches restaurant will be the starting point of this gastronomic tour based on rum, for which each participating location must design their own recipes bathed with this double aged drink, among which are Firewood, Alelí, Hotel Boho Club, Lobito de Mar, Kemuri or Here I Want to See Youamong other establishments.

‘Brugal 1888: The gastronomic rum’ will travel from December to February 2023 different regions of the national territory, with a greater focus on Marbella, Bilbao, Madrid and Alicante when they are linked four cities to leading chefs in this second edition such as Daniel Garcia, Fernando Canales, Rafa Zafra and María José San Román.

These 4 chefs have 3 Michelin stars and up to 14 Repsol Sunsand that contribute to this initiative a unique vision of gastronomy, built precisely from the link with those cities, where develop their skills and creativity in the kitchen. The interpretation that each one has made of Brugal 1888 brings the liquid closer to the flavors with which each one of the chefs has grown.

The four have created, like Dani García, two dishes that can be tasted in their restaurants. Total, more than 60 catering establishments will make available to consumers gastronomic experiences paired around Brugal 1888 until February 2023, whose information is hosted on the brand’s social networks.

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