The German chain Gorillas, a small giant born in the pandemic and only one year old, has landed in Spain. And Marbella is one of the places chosen to install this new supermarket model.

It is a solely online medium, which comes to compete with Amazon and traditional supermarkets that have a virtual store, it has a particularity with which it hopes to win consumers: agrees to bring the purchase to the customer’s home in 10 minutes. In addition to Marbella and Malaga, it has also landed in Alicante, Murcia, Ibiza and Mallorca.

The user makes the purchase online and the company agrees that you have it where you have requested it in a maximum of 10 minutes. The company has created his own super ghost, warehouses that are closed to the general public and that are strategically located less than eight minutes by bike from the delivery areas.

The online store ends the usual time in online delivery. The motto of the company is “Faster than you.”

The residents of the center of Marbella They can now place their orders through their application to be able to have the requested products at home within ten minutes. Incredible but true. These are times of change and speed is a value of our time.

Consumers benefit from having products of the highest quality at the same prices that they would find in the traditional supermarket and the advantage to be able to obtain them in just 10 minutes.

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