The group Ecologists in action Mijas has prepared a document with 19 topics, developed in 266 proposals, aimed at the political parties that will compete in the municipal elections next May, among which they request environmental protection policies in the electoral programs, as reported this Tuesday by collective.

Thus, from the environmental association they have highlighted that “the municipal elections represent an opportunity to give a turn to unsustainable development policies that have been carried out in the municipality of Mijas”, in order to achieve an “adequate conservation of the environment, in addition to improving the quality of life and the environmental rights of the citizens of Mijas”.

Some of the priority proposals that the green group exposes to political formations have to do with “the reduction of urban waste, drafting of the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM) as provided for in the new Urban Law, the rejection of the marina or the creation of a public heritage of permanent social housing”, among others.

The objective of these proposals is that the political formations “the collected in the different electoral programs and apply them later”, with a document that presents “a series of concrete measures and that can be achievable by political managers”, have revealed from Ecologists in action of Mijas.

From the green formation they have valued that “it is necessary a structural regulatory change, greater transparency and citizen participation and put environmental policies, environmental conservation and the well-being of citizens at the center”.

For the environmental association, “the policies developed in Mijas have led to environmental deterioration of the municipality that has turned the environment into an element subordinated to economic interests”.

For this reason, Ecologists in Action have highlighted “the need to make a 180 degree turn in environmental policies that are going to be developed in the municipality”, as well as “the implementation of protection policies and that the recovery of the environment should permeate the entire municipal strategy”.

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