Ecologists in Action Sierra Bermeja has asked that hunting be controlled in the environment affected by the fire, to prevent opportunistic hunters from taking advantage of the catastrophe to kill animals foraging around the perimeter of the scorched area.

This group recalls that environmental legislation prohibits hunting in disaster-affected areas, understood as “situations or events that substantially alter or interrupt the functioning of a community or society by causing a large number of victims, damages and material impacts, whose attention exceeds the available means of the community itself.” They consider that the fire meets these conditions, and more so after the Government has declared Sierra Bermeja as catastrophic zone.

In addition, the law also expressly prohibits «hunt in the so-called days of fortune: that is to say, in those in which as a consequence of fires, epizootics, floods, droughts or other causes, the animals are deprived of their normal defense powers or forced to concentrate in certain places ”. In these circumstances, the legislation provides that you can «maintain the prohibition of hunting in the affected area or region«, According to the organization.

For all these reasons, Ecologists in Action has asked the Ministry of Agriculture for the «immediate stoppage of hunting activity in the entire environment affected by the fire of Sierra Bermeja, as well as the «comprehensive monitoring and surveillance of current regulations “, given the” scope and regrettable repercussions that may derive from hunting “in these dramatic circumstances in which, in addition, makes it difficult to help and support.

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