The fire declared in Sierra Bermeja on September 8 and that remained uncontrolled until the 14th, which burned some 10,000 hectares and displaced more than 3,600 people from seven localities, of which six were evicted (Jubrique, Faraján, Júzcar, Alpandeire, Pujerra and Genalguacil), left behind a devastated terrain. This territory, with several areas of the Natura 2000 Network affected, has left numerous fauna disoriented, injured and without nutritional resources. This fire, the largest of the year in the entire nation and one of the largest registered in Sierra Bermeja, can be considered a catastrophic event. This is how the government of the nation considers it.
Environmental legislation prohibits hunting in areas affected by disasters, understood as “situations or events that substantially alter or interrupt the functioning of a community or society by causing a large number of victims, damage and material impacts, whose attention exceeds the available means of the own community. ” Due to the fact that the fire that occurred in Sierra Bermeja meets the conditions mentioned in the legislation, the government has today decreed the cataloging of “Catastrophic Zone”.
In addition, the law also expressly prohibits “hunting in the so-called days of fortune: that is, in those in which as a consequence of fires, epizootics, floods, droughts or other causes, the animals are deprived of their normal powers of defense or forced to concentrate in certain places ”. In these circumstances, the legislation provides that “the prohibition of hunting in the affected area or region can be maintained”
For this reason, Ecologists in Action has requested the Ministry of Agriculture to immediately stop hunting activity in the entire environment affected by the Sierra Bermeja fire, as well as the control and exhaustive surveillance of current regulations, given the scope and unfortunate repercussions that may derive from hunting in these dramatic circumstances in which, in addition, it makes help and support work difficult.

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