Estepona Town Hall has informed the residents of the Start of construction works on a new stretch of coastal corridor in the area of ​​Dominion Beach, a performance that has a budget of 187,893 euros and an execution period of two and a half months.

The project consists of execution of a 350-meter paved pedestrian path in length and that will join the pedestrian paths on both sides of the action.

The City Council has advanced that the promenade will have 3 meters wide free passage and will be paved with stamped concrete, highlighting that the new section will be connected to the existing paths in El Castor and El Velerín.

Along the path there will be lighting beacons and will be included in the subsoil Conduction of the irrigation system and electrical pipes for lighting connected to existing networks in the immediate environment.

The work will have execution period of two and a half months, and contemplate a budget of 187,893 euros for its execution, as reported by the Consistory.

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