The City Council of Esteponathrough the Women’s delegation, imparts for the second consecutive year in the local institutes the ‘Workshop on inequalities in nightlife’, which is aimed at students in the fourth year of the Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO), as announced on Monday by the deputy mayor of the Sociocultural area, Begoña Ortiz.

The municipal official explained that “doing reflect on how gender differences affect in the enjoyment of nightlife is essential for them to take awareness and to facilitate changing attitudes and behaviors”.

In this sense, the Estepona Women’s Delegation has the support of educational centers who have been the ones who, after the positive assessment of the previous course, have requested to repeat the workshop, in a joint commitment to equal educationbased on respect.

During the months of March and April, during tutoring hours, the social worker Javier Espinosa will give two sessions for each course in the five institutes of the municipality. This Monday the sessions of the IES Mar de Alborán began.

The activity is subsidized with funds from the State Pact against gender violenceSecretary of State for Equality and against Gender Violence of the Ministry of Equality, as it is a action to raise awareness and prevent gender violence.

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