Estepona City Council will celebrate next Sunday, September 25, the institutional act on the occasion of the Day of the Local Police, a festivity that will be commemorated with the delivery of several Police Merit Medals with a white badge and in which will decorate the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía in Malaga, Patricia Navarro Perez, as reported this Thursday by the deputy mayor of the Development, Infrastructure and Tourism (FIT) area, Ana Velasco.

The municipal official stressed that Pérez has held the position since 2019, for which the Consistory will thank the support given to the city during this time, as well as his willingness to collaborate on all issues that have been raised from the corporation.

Another recognition will go to the current Commissioner of the National Police Corps in Estepona, Daniel Salgado Veiga. This command has a long history, with experience in all police areas, as well as in the institutional relations acquired in the performance of their duties. responsibilities as provincial and local chief.

The Commissioner has also done a great job providing training, especially in Latin America, during his years of responsibility of Public Order Units. He also has a great capacity for negotiation, acquired in the exercise of the leadership of several police intervention units, as well as in the development of diplomatic activity during his years as Minister of the Interior in Caracas.

The City Council will award another of the Police Merit Medals with a white badge to the Inspector of the National Police Corps (CNP), Daniel Rodríguez Escribano, who began his police career in Algeciras in 2004 and has extensive academic training. He has stood out for his important fight against narcotics and specialized crime, developing important work in different destinations until his arrival at the Estepona police station in 2019 as Chief Inspector of the Local Judicial Police Brigade. Since then, his work has been extraordinary in everything related to the investigation of criminal offenses that occurred in the city.

The municipal official has announced that she will also receive the same award on Captain of the Civil Guard Pedro Luis Gemar Castillo. Since he joined this Corps in 1995, he has held different relevant positions, especially standing out in those of conservation and protection of nature and the rural world. He has been part of Seprona for many years and his career has been highly valued, obtaining numerous decorations and congratulations from the Civil Guard, the National Police Corps and the Army.

On the other hand, the Estepona City Council will also award the Police Merit Medal with a different target to the following Estepona Local Police officers: Antonio Jesús Ortiz Melgar, Francisco Mata Caravaca, Raúl Cadenas Gutiérrez, Raúl Martín Vadillo, Juan Antonio Solano Gámez and Pedro Martín Díaz.

Likewise, during the institutional act, which will take place at 1:30 p.m. in the Plenary Hall of the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses, others will be delivered distinctions to local police officers and public congratulations will be made for meritorious interventions.

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