The Casa de Las Tejerinas will host next week the International Congress ‘European Transitions from Art and Literature’. Organized by the research groups of the University of Zaragoza and the University of Ostrava, and directed by researchers Jan Mlčoch and Alejandro Simón Partal, the congress will bring together different experts from Spain and the Czech Republic who will speak about how the different artistic disciplines They have reviewed and delved into the democratic transitions of the 20th century in both countries.
The Congress, which has the collaboration of the Consistory, will be held on September 9 and 10 at the Casa de Las Tejerinas, from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm.
Those interested in receiving the attendance certificate must register with their name and ID in the mail and sign the attendance records for each day.

The planned program
Thursday September 9. First working day:
10.00 Welcome from Mr. José María García Urbano (Mayor of Estepona)
Welcome from the directors of the International Congress.
10:30 Dr. Jan Mlčoch (University of Ostrava): The comparisons are odious: encounters and disagreements between the Spanish Transition and the Czech Transition.
11.00 Dr. María Ángeles Naval López (University of Zaragoza): Memory of the Transition in the XXI century novel. Towards a typology of the transitional story.
11:30 Debate and break.
12.00 Dr. Sergio Navarro (University of Navarra) The future at the optimal distance: the crisis of the social function of poetry during the Transition.
12:30 Dr. Rafael Robles Gutiérrez, ‘Rafatal’ (University of Malaga): The cinematographic quinqui. The juvenile delinquent typical of the Spanish Transition.

Friday, September 10. Second day:
10:30 Dr. Athena Alchazidu (Masaryk University): Imagination and humor in the literary works of Czech authors published in the first stage of the Transition to Democracy.
11.00 Dr. Alejandro Simón Partal (University of Ostrava / University of Zaragoza): The poem as a transitional ethical tool.
11:30 Debate and break.
12.00 Dr. Jiří Chalupa (University of Ostrava): The mysteries of haunted transitions: The pitfalls of Czech and Spanish democratization in the sarcastic prose of Pavel Kohout and Eduardo Mendoza.
12:30 Closing of the International Congress: Mr. Ivan Jančárek (Ambassador of the Czech Republic in Spain).

Attendance at this International Congress will be free and free until full capacity is reached.

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