They were dedicated to cultivatetransform and Send large amounts of Marijuana to Northern Europe from the Costa del Sol and the Tropical Coast. Five people have been arrested for their alleged involvement in this organization and four of them have entered prison for crimes of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organization and fraud of electricity.

The investigation began in March, when the Narcotics Group of the Motril Police Station learned of the existence of a marijuana plantation grown inside a industrial warehouse in a small municipality on the coast of Granadaaccording to police sources.

After verifying the veracity of this information, the investigation directed from Motril converged with another that was carrying out the Organized Crime Group I of the Central Organized Crime Brigade and they chose to follow the process jointly.

Once the police investigations were completed, a device was carried out at the end of May that managed to dismantle the industrial warehouse located on the coast of Granda, which consisted, on the one hand, of rooms dedicated to development and flowering of the marijuana plants and, on the other, of specific pieces destined for the germination of said plants. During the search of this space, the police officers arrested the owner of the ship and more than 450 plants were seized of marijuana in an advanced state of development.

Continuing with the investigation, at the beginning of this month, the agents dismantled a second plantation made up of three rooms belonging to an apartment located in a small town on the coast of Granada, with the result of another 130 marijuana plants seized and the arrest of a man.

Also, the research was focused on various addresses located in the Malaga municipality of Mijas-Costawhere the arrests of three other men, all of them members of the criminal organization investigated.

The criminal organization, already dismantled, was characterized by carrying out a comprehensive management of drug trafficking. Its activities ranged from locating and renting farmhouses and rustic houses in isolated places on the Tropical Coast of Granada to developing large-scale marijuana plantations to the transformation, storage, and shipment to northern Europe of already processed marijuana.

The members of this gang, who moved in rented vehicles with falsified documentation to avoid being located by the agents, had established his residence in luxury developments from the town from Mijas-Costa and they were being investigated by the Organized Crime group of the Fuengirola Police Station, as they were also acquiring the necessary material to develop the plantations in industrial estates near the capital of Malaga.

Four of them to prison

Those arrested are already being investigated for allegedly committing the crimes of drug trafficking, belonging to a criminal organization and fraud of electricity. Likewise, the judicial authority has already decreed the iimprisonment of four of those arrested. Although, the police investigation remains open and new arrests in relation to these events have not been ruled out.

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