The proclamation of the local singer Fran Terrén today raised the curtain on the Fuengirola Fair 2022 in honor of the Virgen del Rosario. After it, the opening ceremony of the festivities and lighting of the artistic lighting was held outside the Palacio de la Paz by the mayor Ana Mula and the municipal authorities.

Sensitivity, taste, art… these are words that define the town crier of the 2022 Rosario Fair, Francisco Terrén Alarcón (Fuengirola, 1981), better known as Fran Terrén. Fuengirolan from the neighborhood of San Cayetano, since he was very young he has confessed, on several occasions, to maintain a very special relationship with music and art, as well as a great weakness for the emotions that these manifestations generate in him.

So, always glued to a guitar, Terrén began to drink from great wonders of music, to compose his first songs and let loose on the stages of local celebrations alone, at just fourteen years old, and with the help of great friends with whom he formed groups that are in the memory of many people from Fuengirola.

In his musical production two studio albums, of which he managed to publish four ‘singles’ on music radio stations. One of these jobs became number one on Canal Fiesta Radio. In his role as creator, he has collaborated with a multitude of artists on the music scene, being co-author of songs like ‘I no longer feel anything’, by Pastora Soler, or ‘Secretos a voz’, by Malú.

Parallel to his musical career, Terrén is a municipal technician in the Youth Area of ​​the Marbella City Council, a town to which, naturally, he also feels very close. However, it is in Fuengirola where he not only feels at home, but where he truly enjoys life with his family and friends forever.

For this reason, Terrén today offered a proclamation of intense emotions; of personal experiences intermingled with musical notes; but, above all, of affection for the city where he was born and raised.

Fair Programming

Tomorrow, Thursday, October 7, is the big day of the Fair with the celebration of the festivity in honor of Our Lady the Virgin of the Rosario Coronada. The acts will begin at ten in the morning with the traditional Flamenco Mass in the Plaza de la Constitución. At night, it will be time for La Oreja de Van Gogh, “a musical performance for which no chairs will be installed in the stalls and the public will be standing, while in the boxes they can be seated”, he explained. Dark.

The next day, on Saturday October 8, the performance of Manuel Lombo will be held and “in this case chairs will be installed in the stalls so that the entire public can enjoy the performance sitting down”, explained the mayor.

The Funambulista group will star in the performance on Sunday, October 9 at the Palacio de la Paz “and in this case no chairs will be installed in the stalls.” On Tuesday, October 11, it will be the turn of the Blonde Nancys, with Mario Vaquerizo in the lead, and Samantha Hudson, “a performance aimed at a young audience that will not have chairs in the stalls either.”

To close the performances of the Fair, on October 12 the XLII Flamenco Festival will be held at the Palacio de la Paz, “with a poster that is made in collaboration with the Peña Flamenca and that this year has José Mercé as the head of the bill and It will also include provincial and local artists such as Bonela Hijo or Isabel Guerrero who will sing with her son, who is already making a name for himself in the world of flamenco. The flamenco team of Juani Guerrero will be at the dance and Francisco Reina, from the Unión del Cante flamenco club, will be the presenter”. In this case, chairs will be installed in the stalls and the price will be 5 euros for the stalls and 10 euros for the boxes.

All performances will begin at 10:00 p.m. at the Palacio de la Paz and will cost €10 for the stalls and €15 for the boxes, except for the Flamenco Festival, which will cost €5 and €10, respectively. Tickets can be purchased through the website or in person at the Marina Sun Travel travel agency, Monday through Friday from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

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