I’m going to cut your throatI’m going to kill you, I’m going to cut you up and I’m going to bury you in a field” were some of the phrases that FJ allegedly uttered to his ex-partner last October while carrying a knife. But, the threats did not stop there. According to the initial accusatory brief, the victim was also beaten Despite the fact that the Public Ministry initially requested nine years and six months in prison, the sentence required is now one and a half years.

In the first conclusions of the prosecutor, the defendant approached his ex-partner in the vicinity of Calle Peral, in the town of Malaga, with the intention of violating her freedom of movement, put a knife to her neck and forced her to walk to his house, a ground floor located on Calle Bermeja, staying inside for several hours. During the time they were inside the property, the prosecutor also concluded that she gave him several punches in different parts of his bodywhich caused consistent injuries.

Although at first the Public Ministry determined that he was in the place against his will, now the prosecutor has withdrawn the crime that accused him of illegal detention and for him he asked for a total of six years in prison, the distance from his home, workplace and any other place in a ratio of less than 500 meters, as well as to communicate with her by any means and for a period of seven years.

Instead, he has maintained the other three crimes that he was charged with, despite the fact that the reduction in sentences has been substantial after all parties reached a agreement, which involved the confession of the facts by the alleged aggressor; the repair of the damage to the victim, with compensation of 690 euros for the injuries suffered, and the application of mitigating factors, such as the proven drug addiction of the victim.

For him crime of threats, the Public Ministry initially requested a sentence of 24 months in jail; for mistreatment, another nine, and the same time for the crime of breach, because when he allegedly committed the facts he had a prohibition order in force to communicate with the victim by any means, as well as to approach his home, workplace or where it was, issued by the Violence Against Women Court number 1 of Marbella on September 16, 2022. In this way, the total prison sentence amounted to a total of nine and a half years -taking into account the penalty requested for the crime of illegal detention.

During the trial, which has been held in the Eighth Section of the Provincial Court of Malaga and has been seen for sentencing, the parties have reached an accordance, substantially lowering the request for penalties. The Prosecutor’s Office has now requested six months in prison for each of the crimes of which the alleged perpetrator is accused. Therefore, the total prison sentence would amount to 18 months.

It should be remembered that the defendant is in a situation of provisional prison since October 11 of last year after an arrest warrant was issued as a result of the events for which he has now been tried.

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