The Fuengirola City Council has already presented the General Account to the exceptional accounts committee, which shows a surplus of 13.38 million euros. This document, which was submitted to the body last Friday, September 24, includes the accounting and assets, both of the City Council and of the municipal companies.

The Councilor for Finance, Rosa Ana Bravo, stressed that “the balance of the municipal accounts that Intervention has drawn up is the most positive, not only because of the surplus it shows, but also because it reaffirms that, as in recent years it has been happening, the City Council has zero debt and our financial situation is exceptional ”, he assessed.

In addition, he stressed that these circumstances occur “when we have suffered the worst world crisis of the last century that has considerably reduced income, at a time when we have been with taxes frozen for several years and in a situation in which we have prioritized the payment of financial aid to the self-employed and companies that have seen their activity diminished due to the health situation ”, indicated the mayor.

On the other hand, Fuengirola remains one of the first cities in the country to meet its obligations with suppliers in the shortest periods possible. At the moment, the average payment period is well below the 30 days established by law. Another positive indicator of municipal management is the absence of debt, a situation in which Fuengirola has been since June 2018.

In the opinion of the councilor, the current situation “would not be possible without the collaboration of the neighbors, who face their taxes in a timely manner.” To do this, he recalled that, “from the government team we provide payment facilities such as payment plans and assistance to pay the 30% tax to those registered but, without their willingness and collaboration, these results would not be possible. It is a satisfaction to say that Fuengirola is collaborative and supportive ”.

After sending this documentation to the competent body, the General Account must pass a period of public exposure of fifteen days in case someone wants to present allegations. If there are, the City Council must resolve them and, once this process is completed, the procedure must go through a plenary session.

“I want to publicly thank the work carried out by the entire Intervention area that, in this very complicated year in which we have managed so many grants with less money, we have also been able to carry out the approval of three general accounts, with the work that this it entails ”, concluded Bravo.

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