the norwegian striker Erling Haland He is one of the most decisive footballers of the moment. He plays for Borussia Dortmund and is one of the players who has received the most attention from the international press. The possibility that the German team will change for Real Madrid and Barcelona has fed the spaces of the Spanish sports press for months, but the Norwegian does not give any clue regarding his professional future, although he does give more than clues about your future vacation: Marbella. City in which he is seen in each vacation period, has served as a claim and where his family spends long seasons in the heat of the Costa del Sol, the golf courses and the tranquility of the environment in which the Norwegian develops . He is a fashion forward and his every move is broadcast with great fanfare.

As reported by the daily ace, Haaland has invested in a house in the Marbella area of ​​Nagüeles. The striker already knows what it is to enjoy his free time in the Costa del Sol city. His father has a property in the city and Haaland not only celebrated the New Year in Marbella, he also recovered from one of his injuries there and has been concentrating on pre-season stages with his team and also with his national team, something that allowed him to test La Rose garden.

The property, valued at more than six million euros off plan, confirms his preference for the Costa del Sol as a place of rest. In addition, Haaland does not hide during his stays: he could be seen posing with the shirt of Marbella and the mayor of the city, and also walking and talking with people during his stay. At the moment, he feels comfortable in the city of Malaga and now it remains to be seen if in the next summer period he will be seen again on the Costa del Sol, while the football transfer market continues to speculate on his departure from Borussia.

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