The mayor of the town, Mario Jimenez and the mayor of Education, Daniel Munoz, have visited the Pablo Picasso School and the Las Viñas Institute to check the work that is being carried out these days.

New enhancements will make it possible for the Pablo Picasso School have a specific fully equipped classroom that will serve students with special educational needs. Also during the visit, the municipal officials have verified other types of improvements such as the emergency exit of the new downtown building, as well as the sports court, which in this case is carried out by the council itself.

This good management with the supramunicipal entity will also be reflected in the Las Viñas Institute, where the cornices are being repaired that require the restoration of the concrete, in addition to the creation of a new porch. Apart from these actions, investments are made in painting and tidying work, among others, in each and every one of the educational centers in the municipality.

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