The National Police has detained in Estepona a man 35 years old by allegedly injuring a young man with a crystal glass, who suffered, as a result of the attack, a partial detachment of a cheek. The suspect would have acted in this way out of an outburst of jealousy, witness how his ex-girlfriend talked to the victim. The judicial authority has ordered the arrest of the arrested person in provisional prison.

The events took place in mid-October in the Estepona marina, but it has not been until now that the whereabouts of the investigated have been found, who has remained hidden all this time until police pressure has led him to surrender to the police station in that town.

The aggression was denounced by the injured, 28 years old. He was attacked by a man, who, Surprisingly, he approached him and gave him, first, a kick in the stomach and, immediately afterwards, he hit him with a crystal glass, causing a deep cut on his face, the National Police explained in a statement.

The girl who accompanied the victim did not help him

After the rush, the the attacker fled on the run, and the girl who was with the injured, although he tried to mediate, He left the place without helping him -according to the researchers-.

With difficulty staying on his feet and leaving a trail of blood in his wake, the young man he barely managed to get to a taxi ranki, where an endowment from the Local Police initially assisted him. The victim was transferred to a hospital in Marbella, where he was operated on.

The research what happened fell to the UDEV of the Local Brigade of Judicial Police of the Estepona Police Station, which after various proceedings, identified the person responsible for the injuries.

Thus, the investigators were tightening the fence on the suspect. Precisely, the police pressure led the investigator to surrender.

The facts are heard by the Court of First Instance and Instruction number 1 of Estepona. The entry into provisional prison of the detainee.

Also, the 24-year-old woman who was with the victim At the time of the attack, she was also arrested, in her case for her alleged responsibility in a crime of omission of the duty to help.

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