The first stroke of chance for a human being is his birth. The site, those responsible for their upbringing, the life of others that is having repercussions on that of the child. There are those who are born in a place to which they will never return and who are only linked to it by the data in their documents. It is not the case of Ruben Doblas Gundersenaliases Rubius. He himself has told on more than one occasion that he was born in Mijas (1990) and in one of his videos he confesses and is grateful that “some foreign friends of my grandmother in Malaga they gave me my first console”. It was a Super nintendo and with it he began to enjoy video games. “Without her I would not be here today,” he acknowledges in the video. And it is that based on expanding his games and talking about video games, a channel with an impact on YouTube began to be created back in 2006. Five years later he would dedicate himself to working for content on that audiovisual platform and today, a decade and a little more later its figures without incontestable: more than 40 million subscribers and nearly 7.5 billion views. Unappealable. More, if one takes into account that in 2021 the population of the entire planet Earth was estimated at 7,800 million people.

And that’s not counting his activity outside of YouTube: ads, shows, books, anything he does is a success. Argentina, Mexico and Spain These are the countries with the most impact, but its influence also extends to the United States and it is expected that the documentary will be seen shortly Ruby Xwhich addresses the ten years of his life as a media star. Amazon-Prime is the platform you are working with for it. In 2016, the magazine Time named him as one of the leaders of the next generation and was right to define him as “You may be one of the most famous people you’ve never heard of.” Among the most striking things about El Rubius in the world of cinema is his participation in Uncharted from Tom Holland and also his cameo in torrent 5. His life is told by him in his own videos, summarizing it is complicated. Father from Malaga, mother from Norway, the couple divorced when he was little and then lived between Spain and Norway. El Rubius has come to the fore in the conventional media almost always to be stirred up, especially when he decided to go to Andorra. The truth is that the disconnection of the analog world with respect to the digital world and the generation gap means that a part of the population does not take one of the great mass phenomena in Spanish in recent times very seriously.

It is enough to see some of the altercations that he has suffered and that he himself has recounted at some time. He can’t go outside if there are people under 30 around, it’s common for fans to try to enter his house and, being a shy person outside the room where he records his material, fame is not a pleasant thing in many occasions. At least not as famous. Apart from the peculiarities and adventures of his life, the older generations of those who are his audience do not give much importance to the repercussion of the Mijeño-Norwegian.

It’s funny, the Costa del Sol in general and towns such as Torremolinos, Marbella and Mijas itself in particular are places that during their times of rise in fame and tourists have always used, among other things, the popularity of their guests or inhabitants as a tool to expand. In fact, Mijas today is both in its coastal core and in Mijas town a place highly photographed and taken advantage of by people who live off their image on social networks, but nobody comes close to Rubén’s repercussion. In the 60s and 70s of the 20th century, Brigitte Bardot, Raquel Welch or Glenda Jackson joined national stars like Manolo Escobar, Palomo Linares, Marisol and more artist in the group of shootings in the town of Mijas. More recently, stars of Bollywood with millions of followers and great repercussion as Adah Sharma and Nithin Kumar Reddy They were shot in Mijas -and in the capital of Malaga and other parts of the province-, something unusual and that had a great impact, but it is not even close to that of an average consumer video of El Rubius. Other TV stars Ireland either England They also choose the town of Malaga to live for long periods of time and can make a living only by being recognized by some other compatriot.

All those stars from another time had a maximum impact and meant a lot to their fans. Today we know the route they had and people continue to profess affection and admiration for them. The great mass of followers of El Rubius are not yet old enough to know what influence the man from Mijas will end up having, but the audience data, repercussion and expansion of the young man are unappealable, as could sometimes be those of the examples cited and others that they can escape. If before the pull of bullfighters, singers or actresses was the most consumed, now it is content creators and video games that most seduce youth. For this reason, there is debate, it is intergenerational and it can be a curious and lively topic of conversation if it is brought up with people who follow the work of the youtuber on his channel: Is El Rubius the most popular on the Malaga scene?

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