Bathers on the various beaches of the Costa del Sol have been threatened by the increasing appearance of jellyfish in its waters, to the point where, the most of zones coastal of the different municipalities, have activated the yellow alert.

According to various sources, such as Infomedusa app or the Classroom of the Sea of ​​Malaga, beaches like La Rada (Estepona), El Pinillo (Marbella), The Christ (Estepona) or Guadalobón (Estepona), have featured sightings of the most common type of jellyfish, the Pelagia Noctiluca, but also of less common and large specimens, such as the Rhizostomas Luteum.

Apparently, there have been various minor incidents among certain users who have suffered numerous bites. In these cases, the rescuers recommend avoid bathing and do not bring these animals to the surface. If a swimmer suffers a bite, the ideal would be apply cold and salty water.

According to experts, the reason for this plague of jellyfish could berelated to climate change and, therefore, the disappearance of their natural predators, such as sea turtles.

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