This Monday has been presented the official book of the XXII International Fantastic Film Week of the Costa del Sol: ‘Weird Western: Western Cinema without Borders’, written by the prestigious film critic and writtenr Jesús Palacios. The presentation took place at the Plaza de la Libertad Cultural and Youth Center, San Pedro Alcántara, and in the Hotel El Pilar Andalucía, Estepona, with the assistance of the person in charge of the Sociocultural Area of ​​the Estepona City Council, Begoña Ortiz.

The festival organization is proud to publish a new commemorative publication, which has already left on the shelves of fans of the genre more than 30 unique and original works throughout the 22 editions of the contest. These little literary gems constitute a unique contribution to the fantastic universe.

This new book recap around the fantastic western (weird western), with a catalog of films of the genre mixed with fantastic or horror elements. There is also the rescue of discontinued volumes, novels and essays on cinema, music, series and video games related to the main theme of the festival, as well as creatures and monsters, Indians or analysis of the filmography.

The publication is divided into two parts: a first by Jesús Palacios as lead author, and a second Which collects collaborations such as those of Adolfo Reneo, Alfredo Lara, Rakel Suárez, Daniel Totaro or Carlos Morcillor. It has been edited by Applehead Team publisher.

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