The mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, has requested a meeting with the new territorial delegate for Educational Development and Vocational Training and University, Research and Innovation, Miguel Briones Artacho, to resume the important project of the new institute in the town.

It should be remembered that the relevant steps were taken at the municipal level, fully implementing the proposal and ceding several plots of land to the Junta de Andalucía to meet this educational need and to alleviate the student ratio of the “Las Viñas” institute in Manilva.

As commented by the mayor of Manilva: “as the City Council we scrupulously comply with all the bureaucratic and administrative requests that the previous Education delegate, Mercedes García Paine, and the technicians of the aforementioned supra-municipal body requested of us, therefore, now we will resume contact with the new delegate to speed up the procedures and make the institute a reality as soon as possible”, he pointed out.

In terms of education, the councilor reiterated: “we have improved the schools of Maicandil and Pablo Picasso, and considerably expanded the one of San Luis de Sabinillas with a work of considerable dimensions in all senses. The institute is another of the objectives that we have set for ourselves so that the educational community has the best centers for the development of students », he concluded.

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