The Ecovidrio Management Technician in Eastern Andalusia and Cádiz, Iván González Castro, has contacted the Manilva City Council to officially inform him that the town has overcome the Ecovidrio challenge, thanks to the 5% increase in the amounts of recycled glass in the months of July and August compared to 2020, within the competition that was promoted on the occasion of the Green Flags Movement.

The City Council will be recognized with the ‘Green Igloo’ for having reached the objective thanks to the teamwork of the Council itself, the citizens and the hoteliers. The municipality has managed, in the words of the government team, to take a step further in the transition towards the circular economy and in the fight against climate change: “It has become an example of the green recovery of the hospitality industry.”

Thanks to the recycling of glass containers, during this summer, the Andalusian municipalities participating in the challenge have managed to avoid the emission of more than 4,360 tons of CO2 to the environment, or what is the same, the equivalent of withdrawing from circulation for a year more than 2,160 vehicles.

The Councilor for Cleaning, Paqui López, was happy with this award: “This recognition is for each and every one of the people who contribute to recycling and taking care of our environment, since it would be impossible to achieve it without them.”

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