The person in charge of Cleaning Delegation, Paqui Lopez, has made public the data on the rate of waste that has been generated in the town. Apparently, a peak of 50,000 kg in the middle of August 2021, which results in a clear significant population increase, taking into account that the maximum in 2019 was 40,000 kg, and during the epidemic period in 2020, 42,000 kilograms of municipal solid waste were collected in one day.

The data of July throws a total of 1,146 kg in 2021, which means an increase in 111 kg in the same year compared to the same period in 2020. This translates into an approach to the data offered before the Covid-19 pandemic.

As explained by the representative of the Cleaning Delegation, these reports confirm the recovery of Manilva, given that A lot of tourists they enjoy the locality during the summer.

The person in charge also added the important work what does the Housekeeping every day, and pointed out that, although there is still room for improvement, the work is daily and continuous.

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