The Marbella City Council approved yesterday in the extraordinary plenary session, with the votes in favor of the Government team, the abstention of OSP and Citizens and against the PSOE, to take advantage of the State Management Fund to pay another 43 million from judicial decisions of the ‘GIL’ era, to which they have been destined more than 400 million euros for inherited debts, and allocate more than 2.2 million euros recovered to works in neighborhoods of the municipality and plans of the City Council in operation “that want to reinforce.”

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, highlighted “the transforming investment of the city and the quality in the provision of services” during the last 15 years. «When we took the reins of the City Council, we found ourselves with a debt of more than 600 million euros, as the Court of Accounts itself said, which has forced adjustment plans to be carried out, with great responsibility and keeping the City Council functioning. We are going to carry out what we have already done on other occasions, “added the first mayor.

Regarding the inherited debt, the mayor explained that of the payment of those more than 400 million that have been made, 51 have been paid to BBVA, 6 to Unicaja and 380,000 euros to Banco Atlántico. Likewise, 23 million have corresponded to the Collection Board, 13 to the assumption of debts of Purchasing Management with small businessmen and 31 to Hidralia.

On the other hand, 83 million have been paid to Social Security and another 32 to the Tax Agency, while the amount in the case of the Junta de Andalucía for the refundable advance has been 62 million. The first mayor has also specified that 12 million have been paid to the ICO Fund, 6 to Qualifica and more than 41 to other final judicial decisions. “To this are added more than six million euros with the expropriations of Puerto Rico Alto and Bajo and now 43 from the State Management Fund,” said the mayor, who explained that “many of the sentences included in said amount were won by the City Council in the first instance, but there has been a change in the criteria of the Supreme Court that have caused its prescription to go from five to fifteen years ”. On the other hand, Muñoz highlighted the work carried out by the Government team so that the money that was seized in the ‘GIL era’ returned to Marbella and mentioned, in this sense, that they have won: “Unfortunately, they have not paid us everything, 400 millions of euros in judgments of corruption cases; 37 of them have come within the economic sphere and in other cases we have recovered assets such as the Finca de la Caridad or the heliport ”.

“This agreement is the most logical and efficient solution to a debt that was created more than fifteen years ago,” declared the Councilor for the Treasury, Félix Romero, regarding the acceptance of the state fund, and argued that, within the adjustment measures that will be carried out, “minimum”, is the amortization of staff positions and reducing current spending by less than 4 percent, without the need to raise taxes or reduce the workforce. In addition, the City Council will add to the postponement that the Junta de Andalucía makes available to the Consistories to request the postponement of up to two years for settlements that have to be done due to debt.

Likewise, on the motion to allocate more than 2.2 million euros recovered in June this year for the cases ‘Looting I and II’ it has been abundant that 400,000 euros will be allocated to the District Plan for works in all neighborhoods of Marbella and San Pedro Alcántara, another 100,000 euros additional to the School Plan, 1.5 million to the Urbanizations and Maritime Promenades and almost 64,000 euros to the urban parks. “The remaining 244,000 will go to the needs raised by the Marbella Municipal Football Stadium, the enabling of the municipal vehicle depot and studies and projects to access European funds,” he explained. This motion has been approved, with the favorable vote of the Government team, the abstentions of the PSOE and Citizens and against OSP, as well as a third proposal included in the plenary session corresponding to the payment of invoices to suppliers for more than half a million of euros.

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