The City Council of Marbella has approved urban licenses for a value of 25 million euros between work execution permits for single-family homes and a promotion of 42 properties, as well as for minor works, as announced this Monday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

This has been highlighted by Romero after the Local Government Board, where he has highlighted that they have been approved “more than 25 million euros in work execution with all that implies for the municipal coffers, but above all for the economic movement of the city ”.

Specifically, the councilor has detailed that the municipal management body has gone ahead “5 licenses for the execution of single-family homes that import a total of 6.5 million euros “, underlining that the average investment in this type of construction”a million euros has been around for a while now when before it was around 600,000 euros ”.

On the other hand, the government team has reported to the Governing Board of the minor licenses, which have been estimated at 1.5 million euros more“, With which” we are almost at 8 million “, has emphasized Romero, who has highlighted the approval at this point for”the reform of the Zara store in Puerto Banús ”.

“Regarding investment in larger numbers, when we talk about multi-family buildings, we also bring a building license with a basic renovated project of 42 homes, which in this In this case, the amount of 17.5 million of investment in the execution of this work matters “, has added the municipal spokesman.

On the other hand, the Governing Board has given the green “to the agreement by which we proceed to approve the price sheet and to transfer to the competent body of a expropriation to be able to occupy directly or to be able to put in order“A pending area according to the General Urban Development Plan (PGOU) such as the” Parque del Calvario “.

View of the plot ‘Parque del Calvario’.

View of the plot ‘Parque del Calvario’.


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Romero has specified that the plot concentrates a total of 1,681 square meters, which is located between Jacinto Benavente and Hermanos Belón Lima streets, a “file of expropriation by ministry of law “ which began as a result of the request of a real estate company that owns the space, cataloged as a “general system of green areas”, so that “it can not have any other type of use” other than “green area”, has indicated the concilor.

As highlighted by the municipal official, the appraisal commission has calculated the fair price of the plot `Parque del Calvario ‘at“ 524,900 euros, which is the price sheet that the City Council made in its day ”, recalling that the The owner company requested “almost 900,000 euros.”

“We Believe that it is appropriate that no one is deprived of a property if they are not paid a fair price, and above all that it is always put the name of the City Council and in the General Inventory of Assets”, Romero has remarked, who has explained that“ if the PGOU establishes a use that is public and the owner cannot do anything other than that public use, what he has the right is to urge the execution ”of the same through“ a file of compulsory expropriation, which is called by operation of law ”.

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