The Plenary of Marbella has unanimously approved today in the ordinary session of April urge the central government to take the necessary measures and urgently to ensure that the beaches are in perfect condition for the use and enjoyment of users and demands that it review the canon of 2.5 million that it pays to the Executive.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, has been in charge of defending the proposal of the popular municipal group, where he has reiterated the need to undertake the eexecution of projected groynes in part of the coastline.

“What we want is that, if we pay the canon, invest. That is what this motion intends. The only administration that has released a plan to help municipalities after the storm is the Board. From the Government, not one euro for the municipalities”, he pointed out in relation to the “canon of 2.5 million that we paid to the National Executive“.

Along the same lines, the mayor Manuel Cardeña has stated that “it is essential that the timely actions to prevent our beaches from disappearing”. “Our coastline continues to be hit by storms while Pedro Sánchez forgets about immediate arrangements and definitive solutions, but not about charging our City Council and the establishments in the sector annually”, he lamented.

Two motions have been added to the proposal, also approved unanimously, to request the Junta de Andalucía to remove collectors from beaches of the municipality and tourism promotion plan.

The councilor of the PSOE Blanca Fernández has pointed out that during the years of government of President Mariano Rajoy, “there were also storms and then you couldn’t hear them saying that the beaches of Marbella couldn’t wait another minute”. “They were silent and seeing how the projects to stabilize the beaches of the municipality remained in the drawers over and over again,” he added.

The mayor recalled that in 2017 the City Council proposed to the Government of Spain that, charged to the annual canon for the exploitation of the beaches, advance funds to expedite stabilization projects of the coastline. “But Rajoy’s government rejected this offer time after time. Rajoy froze investments and Pedro Sánchez found nothing at all to improve the coastline. Now 15 million euros are going to be invested in these actions”, he pointed out.

Likewise, it has been agreed to demand from the central Executive that it undertakes a tax cut, approve an aid plan and redesign the Next Generation funds. “The crisis we are experiencing comes from before the pandemic and the international context marked by the invasion of Ukraine, but even before that the economy was being affected by the management of the socialist government,” said the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero,

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