The plenary session of the City Council marbellain its ordinary session in February, has unanimously approved this Friday to once again demand that the central government adopt the necessary and urgent measures to guarantee the optimal state of the beaches of the municipality and to speed up the procedures for its stabilization by means of breakwaters.

The mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, pointed out during her speech that it is “a priority issue for the city in which we do not intend to confront, but seek solutions so that appropriate measures are taken in order for our citizens and visitors to enjoy the best possible coastline”.

The proposal contemplates requesting the National Executive to streamline procedures in projects to create groynes to stabilize beacheswhose development is paralyzed, and also that in the meantime immediately carry out the contributions of sand in the most affected coastal areas by the storms so that they recover an ideal state for Holy Week.

“I have held numerous meetings in Madrid and Malaga, and even recently I have been able to personally transfer the matter to the Secretary of State for Tourism, Fernando Valdésand the sub-delegate of the Government in the province, Francisco Javier Salas”, pointed out the councilor, who pointed out that “we are facing a matter of such caliber that I have proposed the collaboration of the City Council to carry out projects that we consider essential”.

In this sense, he recalled that “the breakwaters of San Pedro Alcántara they would already be a reality if it weren’t for some allegations that have retrotracted the file” and that also “we would have already put out to tender the Marbella project if the environmental report had been issued.”

The first mayor has advanced in this line that by the City Council “we have put ourselves in contact with the Ministry of Ecological Transition to inform you that we have elaborated and in Hiring the La Venus beach regeneration projectan initiative that was not a priority for the Government and that we do understand as such”.

At this point, “let’s provide sand from the municipalitybut we also need the National Government to do it”, Muñoz has indicated, who has stressed that “we will always put all the resources and efforts to go hand in hand with the central Executive with the aim of having our beaches in the best possible state”.

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