The City Council of Marbella plans to exceed 150,000 inhabitants ahead of next year’s census, which will allow the city increase revenue by 7% that it receives from both the State and the autonomous community, as announced on Tuesday by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

This has been highlighted by the municipal manager after the Local Government Board, where he has realized the “beginning of the procedures for the revision of the municipal census” carried out annually by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) in the municipalities.

Romero has pointed out that currently hThere are registered in the locality a total of “158,188 inhabitants”, on which he has specified that “regulation” must be practiced in relation to “non-residents who have not registered or have not renewed their registration” in the municipal register.

In this way, he has assessed that those who are not regularized “will have to be discharged”, for which he has estimated that they will finally be registered “about 155,156 inhabitants of right” for next year in the municipality.

Romero has highlighted the importance of exceed the threshold of 150,000 inhabitants for the local Administration, since this cataloging would mean for the city the “opportunities recognized by the census for economic, infrastructure and morally to claim that investment in the municipality”he stressed.

In this sense, he pointed out that recognizing by the INE “156,0000 inhabitants we are talking about almost 10,000 more, which can suppose around a 7%” increase both in the Participation in State Income (PIE) as in the Participation of Taxes of the Autonomous Community (PATRICA).

For this reason, he has indicated that the city could see increased by “almost 3 million” the income of the PIE, which this year have been “almost 40 million”-; to which he has added the “subsidies directed according to population segments”, pointing out that it is “a path that will have to be studied if they recognize the amount of the population”. In addition, he has recalled that “more inhabitants mean more services and the obligation to provide them and guarantee the financial sufficiency” of the municipalities.

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