The Marbella Town Hall is finalizing the improvements for streamline traffic on Severo Ochoa Avenue, where they already have paving work completed of the road, as reported on Tuesday by the Councilor for Works, Diego López.

The mayor has highlighted that the paved “has been done on a Sunday, and even at night due to the lower influx of vehicles”, and has advanced that in a within ten days the work of the roundabout will be completedlocated at the height of Pintor Pacheco and Fray Junípero Serra streets, of which only the gardening works will remain.

“The area is already open to road traffic”, indicated López, who has advanced that “the work will now focus on the connection of lighting and painting of horizontal signage street, as well as in the planting of 11 large specimens to beautify this great avenue of the urban area”.

The councilor has emphasized that this new road infrastructurewhich has two lanes in each direction of more than four meters wide, “will give greater fluidity to the circulation in one of the main streets of the city where more than 600 people reside and in which the La Bajadilla port, the Quirón hospital and many shops and restaurants coincide.”

“This action guarantees the security on that part of the avenue because the vehicles will slow down”, the mayor has assessed, while stressing that drivers “will be able to make a U-turn that until now they could only do at the Manuel Haro roundabout, better known as ‘the one with the boats’, or at the intersection with Huerta of the Crystals.”

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