The City Council of Marbella has granted the building license for the expansion of the Costa del Sol hospital, whose jobs will last 22 months and could begin before the end of September after awarding the project to Ferrovial, as announced this Thursday by the delegate of the Government of the Junta de Andalucía, Patricia Navarro.

This was highlighted by the Andalusian representative in a visit she has made to the health center, where she has been accompanied by the Mayor of Marbella, Ángeles Muñoz, and the director manager of the hospital center, María Luisa Lorenzo.

Navarro highlighted during his speech that the license granted by the City Council is “essential after leaving the award for the reform and expansion “of the hospital, specifying that on September 17 Ferrovial was awarded the work for “51.7 million euros”. At the same time, it has indicated that the contract for the direction and execution of works has been awarded for 1.4 million.

The Board delegate has specified that “The works will last 22 months” and will be developed in “two phases”, As well as the collaboration of the City Council in “Urbanization from the front” of the hospital.

Marbella is going to be the capital of public Health in Andalusia”Navarro emphasized, highlighting that the hospital’s work will translate into“expand up to 68 beds plus hospital capacity, that of income and the UCI will have 14 new positions ”. In addition, “it will have substantial improvements in its Emergencies, consultation rooms, Observation and Critical Care”, “Outpatient consultations grow by 90% and there will be space for new specialties such as Speech Therapy or Endocrine”, as well as “Consultations for radiodiagnosis, hemodialysis, nuclear medicine and radiotherapy, among other specialties”.

For his part, Lorenzo has detailed that to expand the hospital the Junta de Andalucía will release “a budget item of 76 million euros”, pointing out that the project has “several” legs such as “The recovery of the new building” with which “about 38,500 square meters will be expanded”Or“ the reform of the spaces that are freed by the transfer of some activities ”. To this he has added “a reform of 6,500 square meters of the old building ”and the equipment. Regarding the latter, he has detailed that “it is a high-tech and state-of-the-art equipment, both for a new surgical block and for diagnostic tests.”

Regarding the term of the works, he has indicated that “it is very tight” and it is expected that finish the work “at the end of the first semester of 2023“, For which” several phases are going to start at the same time. ” In this sense, he has detailed that the first part to be addressed will be “expand the emergency service ”with the transfer of the administrative area to the new building, to simultaneously undertake “the construction of a new surgical block” and “the old building will be renovated as renovated spaces are moved”.

The manager of the Costa del Sol hospital recalled that at this time “We are in the phase of awarding the contract”, so he estimates that “before the end of the month we may already be in a position to startThe works.

The mayor highlighted that after the expansion work the hospital center will have more than “34,000 meters to meet the needs raised from the beginning ”, noting that the building license has seen the light “within the agreed period” so that “there is not a single delay more”.

Muñoz recalled that the Board “had to rescue the work with 12 million euros that was awarded to a concessionaire “, noting that the model of the previous autonomous government was to” give a concession in exchange for public works “and” kept the exploitation of shopping areas and parking ”.

“It was not understood that people who had to come in a compulsory way or visit relatives or friends had to pay that double tax that the Junta de Andalucía made to citizens”, Remarked the councilor, who has highlighted the “Gratuity” in the parking lot right now.

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