The Marbella Town Hall is undertaking Works to improve road safety and aesthetics on Prince Alfonso de Hohenlohe Boulevard with the execution of a landscaped median of more than a kilometer in length, which will run between the Víctimas del Covid roundabout and the Puente Romano hotel, as announced this Wednesday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This was highlighted by the councilor during a visit to the area, where she stated that “we have achieved the commitment of the winning company so that the deadlines for the work are reduced to three months compared to the five months initially planned”, while reporting that the work will be paralyzed during Easter and the celebration of the Davis Cup “so that they do not pose an additional inconvenience on these dates”.

Muñoz has emphasized that it is a “very important action”, since it is a road “with a very high traffic density” and in which “the vehicles, due to the characteristics of the road with two lanes in each direction, circulated at a speed greater than that allowed in an urban section and carried out improper maneuvers.”

“The idea was to promote a project that aesthetically it meant a revitalization of the area and also reduce the danger”, pointed out the mayor, who recalled that a similar intervention had already been carried out from the town center to the roundabout itself “extending the median by almost 1.5 linear kilometers in total to give continuity to the image From the center of the city”.

The work includes the demolition of existing pavement in the strip where the planter will be located, which will have a height of 35 centimeters, as well as the construction of a ditch, a brick wall with protection curbs on the road and, once the installation has been carried out, the placement of a net irrigation and planting of floral species and 35 units of palm trees.

Finally, the mayor added that the median will end at the start of the Istán roadwhere a two-kilometre urbanization and road safety improvement project will begin in the coming months.

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